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Founder and head designer of Rebel Design, Gina Riley, draws from the energy and vibrancy of New York CIty, which has always played a big role in her work as an accessories designer. A city of contrasts -- the juxtaposition of rough and refined, the bright, shiny and new against the gritty layers of the old -- is what fuels her creative spirit. Rebel Designs exudes a distinctly hip and chic vibe. The handcrafted jewelry is extravagantly laden with semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals. It is proudly made in NYC.
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Rebel Designs Silver Metallic Leather Bracelet Rebel Designs Blue Metallic Leather Bracelet Rebel Designs Gold Leather Bracelet with Crystal
Rebel Designs Brown Leather Bracelet with Crystal Rebel Refined Leather Bracelet with Crystal Disk Rebel Refined Gold Stick Necklace with Crystals
Vintage leather cuff with black diamond Swarovski crystal disk. By Rebel Designs. Vintage brown leather cuff with Black diamond Swarovski crystal grid. By Rebel Designs. By Rebel Designs. Italian leather and jet black Swarovski crystal bars. A chic and edgy piece by Rebel Designs.